Are you "dust-free?"

Nope. To be honest, nobody is. Some companies claim "dust-free" when they should say, "less dust." We use the best possible technology to mitigate dust in your house. We cover cabinets in plastic, we close doors, open windows, turn off the air conditioning, use fans, and sweep and vacuum the entire area before we leave. Even if we were to generate a small amount of dust while working, it'll all be cleaned up when we're gone.

Do you have a ride-on machine?

Nope. Those bulky machines are great for a former Kash N Karry, but not for your home. We use man-power and simple machines to work one space at a time. No engine exhaust gasses in your fabrics with us.

How long will it take?

We strive to finish every job in one day. Your time is important; so is your project. With all of the contractors that you need to have organized for your renovation, we want to be the most painless.